How to Use Adobe Flex Builder Like a Pro – Mastering Flex Builder Keyboard Shortcuts

Give me 30 seconds, I can tell whether you are a Flex Builder Pro or not

How? I just simply watch whether you use Keyboard or Mouse to operate Flex Builder.

After work on Flex Builder long enough, Pros are the master of shortcuts. They usually press keyboard once to finish an operation (e.g. open a class definition, move a line of code up, build project, run project). While newcomers are struggle to move their mouse around to find something to click.

Knowing more keyboard shortcuts may no mean you have a better programming skills, but it makes you appear like a Pro.  In fact, some companies check it when they interview candidates. When I applied for a position in a big research institute, the hiring manager told me to do a complex task by using some tools. I didn’t finish the task on time, but still got hired. Later, he explained, the way I used those tools (using a lot of keyboard shortcuts, I guess)  made him believe I was a Pro.

Get the list of Flex Builder keyboard shortcuts

All right, so you want to become a Flex Builder Pro. Here is how you can get a list of Flex Builder keyboard shortcuts:

Within Your Flex Builder, Press Control+Shift+L

What you will see is like the below:

Flex Tutorial Keyboard Shortcuts List

The next Flex Builder Pro

Now you have a complete list of Flex Builder shortcuts. Just try to incorporate more of them into your daily work. With the time, you will use Flex Builder like a Pro does.

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Bryan Li has more than 10 years business consulting and project development experience with major corporate clients including Sony, Bank of Montreal, Bruce Power, etc. As a fan and advocate for RIA(Rich Internet Application) technologies, Bryan helps companies and developers learn, design, and build richer applications using Adobe Flex.

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