What is Adobe Flex Builder

Introduction of Adobe Flex Builder

The best way to start develop Flex application is to use Adobe Flex Builder. It is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) based on the open source platform – Eclipse.  It can be used on both Windows and Max OX operation systems.

There are two versions of Flex Builder available: Standard and Professional.

Flex Builder Standard version contains:

  • Flex SDK Plug-in
  • Visual Design Interface
  • Powerful Coding Tools
  • Refectory Engine
  • AIR Application Support
  • Backend Development Wizards

Flex Builder Professional version contains:

  • All Features Provided by the Standard Version
  • Data Visualization Tool
  • Advanced Data Grid
  • Powerful Testing Tool

Download Adobe Flex Builder

To start to use Adobe Flex Builder right away, you can download a 60-day trial version here.

Download Flex Builder

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