Start to Use Adobe Flex Builder

Start Adobe Flex Builder

After you install the Adobe Flex Builder, you can just double click the following icon on your computer desktop to start it.

Flex Builder Shortcut Icon

You will see a Welcome to Flex page when you first time to start Adobe Flex Builder.


This welcome page provides you an introduction video, quick start tutorials, and download links of sample projects. You might want to take some time to explore it.

Adobe Flex Builder Workbench

To start use Adobe Flex Builder, we need to get familiar with its working environment – workbench in Adobe’s term.

Flex Builder workbench is made up of the following common areas:


  1. Menu Bar: Menus for all operations like save file, build project, set preferences, etc.
  2. Tool Bar: bookmarks for common actions.
  3. Perspective Switch: Switch perspectives like Development or Debugging.
  4. Flex Navigator View: List of multiple projects and files
  5. Outline View: Shortcut to elements of a class file.
  6. Code Editor View: Coding area for Flex programs.
  7. Problems View: List of error messages.

Adobe Flex Builder Workspace

You might ask: “Is the Flex Builder Workspace as same as the Flex Builder Workbench?” No, they are actually two different things.

As you saw in the previous section, Flex Builder Workbench is a Flex development environment (IDE) that contains areas like Menu Bar, Tool Bar, Views, and Perspectives. While Flex Builder Workspace is a physical file directory on your machine that contains all folders and files used by Flex projects. For example, you can create a directory on your computer like C:\flexworkspace, and use it as your project workspace in the Flex Builder. I will show you how to do it in the later tutorial.

The biggest benefit of using workspace is: you can quickly find all project files in one place, and easily package, deploy, or backup your project.

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